Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Tube 101: Private Sharing Tutorial by The NINJA

Okay, I'm sort of starting to have a Ninja theme to my posting.  This is my second ninja post in three weeks!

So the other day in class, some of my students produced a music video called "Down to the Sound":  it's all about the Geological History of Long Island Sound (glaciers, moraines, kettle lakes, etc.).  They choreographed, shot, edited, wrote the lyrics to and SANG to the tune of Jay Sean's Down.  These amazing students gave me a copy of their chef d'oeuvre  ('masterpiece' in french) and I wanted to share it with other teachers in my school, but it was too large to fit through the filters on my network email so I needed to upload it to the web.

However, for those of you who read my post on COPPA there are privacy issues--my students are young.  So, I shared the item privately.

Instead of putting together my own tutorial, watch this one: It's WAAAAAAAAAAY funnier than I could ever be and it stars a Ninja!  This tutorial is so funny, I laughed out loud:  belly laugh, head thrown back, losing-my-breath, laughing.

These are the lyrics to the song my students wrote, but I'm not going to post a link to the video because it's PRIVATE, duh!


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