Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MakerBotLearning Loves My Swiss Cheese Chair!

This Swiss Cheese Chair is the first only 3D print file that I ever designed myself from scratch. Apparently, the folks at MakerBot headquarters in Brooklyn, NYC loved it!  I texted Drew at MakerBot after this was posted, and he said since the print comes out so well and is a fast print, tons of people in the office printed them in different sizes and placed them around the office on their desks!

Super fun.  The Swiss Cheese Chair Universe is arriving.  Slowly.  Print by print.  It's a movement! Maybe I'll print one and send it to Bernie Sanders.

I don't have a MakerBot anymore, I have a couple of Ultimaker 2+ printers.  I'll post the print from the Ultimakers later...I only have silver filament for now, though.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reason #149 Why I Love My Job:

While the hallway still teems with kids moving from class to class, the door to the classroom quietly opens and shuts, noise filtering in bursts.

The first three students arrive, to a quiet and ready classroom--the work reminders for the day bright on the interactive wall of the lab.

"Good morning, Mrs. Kaplan. Should we wait for you or can we just get started building?"

Students say those words to me. Before the bell. Every. Single. Day.
It is music to my ears.

Everyone's doing something different in my classroom, but they're all working on the same project.