Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SMART Notebook Lesson bank

Okay, so there are many of you out there with a SMART board who don't know that there are SMART-created lesson banks out there for any subject area (even foreign language)! GAsP!  Since this is a science-oriented blog, I will provide the links to the science lessons:


The link above will bring you to the lesson pages for lessons geared towards secondary students.  However, if you click on the "breadcrumbs" towards the top of the page, you can backtrack through my search to the motherlode of elementary science lessons, or those geared towards middle level students.

You'll notice at the middle of the list there is a recommended version of Notebook, and the newer lessons are more slick and polished, and generally (though not always) have more interactive features built in.  Once the lesson is downloaded (click on the link directly below the text that says Download this Lesson Activity).  Don't bother downloading or searching for the Senteo question sets unless you have the Senteo responders.

All of these lessons are RTU (ready to use), but are also FULLY EDITABLE!  Which means that you can make minor (or major) changes to many, if not all, parts of the lesson to customize it.  Have fun and good luck!

There is also a SMART-endorsed Lesson Exchange here, where you can sign up and trade lessons with other board users all over the world.

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