Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Smartboard Lesson on Hypoxia--amazing video links for Discovery Education and the NOAA Visualization Laboratory!

This lesson covers hypoxia in LIS and the Gulf of Mexico.  Click here to download.  For those Chesapeake bay-ers, just add a few slides and you're good to go!  Last slide is a Sentence Order Sort for the sequence on how hypoxia occurs.

If you don't have a SMART Board, and you just want the video links, here they are:

NOAA Visualization Laboratory--Creation of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

Discovery Education--Hypoxia, the O2 Blues--about 20 minutes, covers LIS, Gulf and Chesapeake Bay

Video clip on Density Layering (30 seconds):   This video shows the use of the Density Flow Model...you can buy this from www.teachersource.com

Dead Zone Video clip from SchoolTube.com

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