Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do YOU Need a Ninja? I do!

Hilary, one of the incredibly creative computer teachers at my school sent me this email a few days ago:

"Check this out: The Massachusetts based singer/songwriter/keyboardist, Matthew Ebel (don't worry, I didn't know who he was either) has decided to to feature the student work of two of our middle school students on his website!

This came about by having the boys seek permission from the artist for the song they wanted to use in their claymation video project. Upon contacting Matthew Ebel directly, he not only granted permission but was so excited and impressed with their work that he is currently featuring their video on his website! The video is called "Ninja Vs. Zombie Claymation" and his comment reads: "I swear, my favorite fan-made videos aren’t done by professional cinematographers, they’re by middle-school students working on a project."

Check it out on Matthew Ebel's website at:


(Scroll down a bit!)

Congrats to our amazing students!"


  1. Hey, it was my pleasure! Just like it says in my Bio, one of the greatest rewards I get as a musician is seeing other people create something of their own based off of my creations.

  2. This is unbelievable. Hilary, you rock.