Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Science Projects: Project Timelines and Samples of Student Work

Click here to see my Project Timeline page that my students use as a checklist and a repository for any associated digital documents (like rubrics--grading guidelines--that will help them know what I am looking for).  I created this page as part of my Google Site (free).  When you create a new page, just select "List" as the type of page and you can create something similar.  It sorts by date, title of assignment, completion or another category of your choice.

You can see by the checkmarks that indicate how far we have gotten through the project so far.

Below are links to examples of science project work that has been complete SO FAR by some of my students.  I have selected exemplary work by some of my most advanced students.

Sailing Experiment--Journal
Sailing Experiment Lab Report (in progress)

Hovercraft Experiment
Hovercraft Experiment Lab Report 

For the lab report template, click here (the journal template is in the previous post).

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