Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This is AMAZING! My 7th grade students loved this TED talk...

I recommend showing this TED talk to all of your middle school students.  Amy Cuddy discusses how to change your life by changing the position of your body for 2 minutes!  My seventh graders absolutely loved this video:  they had a quiz in French class right after their science class, so we spent the final three minutes of our class in a POWER POSE to lower cortisol levels and elevate testosterone!

Photo from Amy Cuddy's TED Talk showing an example of the POWER POSE that we used in class.

I also liked this video because it tells the story of how personal experience shaped Dr. Cuddy's research and the problem that she investigated.  For those teachers who are focusing on teaching the scientific method, she clearly shows a slide that is her Problem Statement and discusses her hypothesis, as well as details on her experimental methods.  She also displays graphs of her experimental measurements (hormone levels).


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