Thursday, August 2, 2012

Teaching Tools: Astronomy Awesomeness: NASA eclipses, Moon "wobble" video, Scale of the Universe interactive

The NASA eclipse site: with thorough charts and lists of future and past lunar and solar eclipses.  Exhaustive resource.

Scale of the Universe interactive (Fantastic on a SMART board!) by the Huang twins (high school students!).  beautiful graphics and music.

Navy astronomy page: they make sure the sun rises and sets at the right time every day :)  If you click on the box in the right hand frame labeled "The Sky This Week", it has a nice little chatty article about what is going on right now (whenever NOW is).

Beautiful video of the moons phases for all of 2012, which shows how the Moon appears to "wobble" while it orbits the Earth.  To read about how NASA's Goddard Space Center created this video, click here.


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