Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yale Fellowship Day #1: Earth Science Animation Resources and Using Science Notebooks Resources

So, kids, here I am at Yale University with the Planetarium Director and Education and Astronomy people.
I am going to post for you some (or as many as I can) of the resources we are using:


  1. Okay, on this one, scroll down.  
  2. If you click on "Coordinates and Motions", and (let it load). 
  3. On the Splash Page, click on "Animations" at the bottom of the page.
  4. It gives you TONS of astronomy animations that address the question, "What are the reasons for the seasons".

This is a BETA site...I don't think you can Google it.  So this one's probably new for all of you!
Try clicking "Visualizations" under #3.

Lecture: Christopher Stone    "A Science Notebook Primer"

--a tool in your toolbelt for improving student accountablility and achievement
--using them to inform your instruction (formative assessment)
--engaging students in meaningful "conversation" about science topics (Fulton/Campbell are researchers on how this works to improved learning)

Click this link for a file of articles (ideas, rubrics, worksheets, etc.) from science education publications on the topic.


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