Monday, November 14, 2011

Mythbusters Tour Comes to Connecticut!

Yeehaw!  Jamie and Adam are coming to the Bushnell Theater in Hartford, CT next March 31, 2012.  Click here for a tour schedule.

I do love a good mythbusting, and this show will be particularly appropriate for me this year, because the theme of our science fair this year has been selected in honor of our School Theme: The Year of the Story.  So, the Science Fair theme is: Myths, Legends and Folklore: BUSTED!  Or something like that...I'd like to do a Middle-Level mythbusters-type of fair.  Perhaps this is where we could go for our field trip right before the fair?

There is a link to buy tickets for a group...I wonder how much they would be?  I will update this post when I discover what the group rate is.

Mythbusters On Sale Now! from MAGICSPACE Entertainment on Vimeo.

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