Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Google Voice--Transcribes your messages to text FOR YOU!

Aha! I have been waiting for months for my Google Voice invitation to arrive and I just got it. Is there nothing Google cannot do?

Here is how it went:
  1. I chose my phone number from a list of possibles--they give you the option of choosing the locality of your phone number if available. So, I chose one that has a local area code.
  2. I listed the numbers of the phones that I wish to ring when someone dials my Google Voice number. In this case, I want my home phone to ring, as well as my cell phone. So my DH doesn't have to dial many numbers just to reach me.
  3. If I don't pick up, GV plays my recorded voicemail message and records the callers message for me.
  4. Then it transcribes the message FOR me into a text message, which I then can access from any browser!!!
  5. I jumped around a did a little jig.
  6. You can also download a free app where you can get the messages texted to you, but I didn't do that.
I love Google.


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