Thursday, June 11, 2009

Xobni...for those of us who have a love/hate relationship with Outlook

Now you can have all the LOOOOOOOOVE, thanks to an amazing free download called Xobni.

I was smitten today.

I find Outlook cumbersome and annoying but necessary. I also receive TONS of attachments from people as part of my job. Since I don't have the time to save them all to my network drive, my Outlook account has become a de facto filing cabinet.

But my cabinet--until today--was so disorganized it took forever to find anything. I actually was thinking this thought today (no joke), "If I had a secretary, I could be so much more productive."

Exactly 25 minutes after that thought, I actually have one, he's very sexy with graphs and all that, and CAPABLE! His name is Xobni! (say ZOB-nee)

Here's what he can do:

Lightning-Fast Email Search
Search email & people faster than you can type. (REALLY??? I can type really fast)

Stay in Touch
Contact info, profile pictures, company info, job titles. All organized. Automatically.

Discover Connections
Xobni searches the web for information about your contacts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Hoovers information & more, brought into Outlook.

Threaded Conversations
Email how it was meant to be read, with conversations in context.

Find Attachments--this is the one that makes me so happy!
Historical attachments available instantly without searching.

There's a cool little video at the xobni site

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